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Syska Rise is a flexible portfolio of acoustic screens that can be either floor or ceiling mounted to improve the acoustics of any space. Designed to provide privacy while retaining line of sight, Rise is available in a range of pre-cut designs, or can be custom made with a pattern of your choice.

Made from Quest, our sustainably produced acoustic material, Rise screens are available in two standard thicknesses (12mm and 24mm) and five standard patterns (Bubble, Bamboo, Etch, Matrix and Orbit). If you prefer, the sheet material can be custom-cut into a design of your choice, including a company logo, text or a silhouette.

Rise screens can be free-standing, providing greater flexibility for your room acoustics and allowing you to move the screens from one location to another, or providing a short-term boost to the acoustic performance of a space.

Rise Acoustic Screens

Standard Patterns
Bubble, Bamboo, Etch, Matrix & Orbit

Custom patterns also available

12mm & 24mm

Available Sizes
2400mm x 1200mm

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)
12mm = 0.40
24mm = 0.60

Syska Rise acoustic screens
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Syska Brochure

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Rise Screens Datasheet

Syska Rise acoustic screens datasheet

Syska Colour Book

Syska colour book
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