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Syska is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of ground-breaking recycled acoustic products; offering an unbeatable combination of acoustic performance and aesthetic design.

​Ideal for meeting rooms, huddle spaces, boardrooms and video conferencing suites, Syska products offer stunning design without compromising on quality or sound attenuation.

Syska products are equally effective in larger spaces, providing exceptional sound dampening in conference rooms, auditoria, retail environments and restaurant installations.

If you are looking for an acoustic product that delivers on both form and function, look no further than Syska.

a large presentation screen surrounded by tessellate square and rectangular acoustic wall panels


Sounding good shouldn’t cost the earth

Waste plastics are one of the most serious threats to our environment and represent around 80% of all ocean debris. Pollution has reached such a level that there are an estimated 46,000 items of plastic floating in each square mile of our oceans. As a result, over 260 marine species around the globe are at risk from ingesting, or becoming entangled in, waste plastic.

We are committed to the core principles of sustainable development; that’s why Syska products are made from recycled, single-use plastics.

We aim to follow, and to promote, a responsible approach to product design, manufacturing, the sourcing of materials and waste management.

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of all our activities and to ensuring that our products help our clients and partners do the same.

an otherwise picturesque beautiful beach, littered with human waste in the form of plastic bottle.


The Art of Silence

Quest is the starting point for all our products. Sustainably produced, it is manufactured using 60% post-consumer waste recycled PET, from soft drink and detergent bottles.

Recycled bottles are flaked into tiny chips before being cleansed, heated and forced through a spinneret to create thousands of thread-like fibres. These fibres are then cooled, set into a fine web and compressed into board that can be cut, thermoformed, CNC-routed or custom printed.

Because the acoustic design panels are made entirely of PET plastic, the material is non-toxic, free of formaldehyde, has incredibly low VOCs and can easily be recycled at the end of its useful life.

an array of different coloured syska quest recycled PET acoustic panels

How we do it

Watch a short video on how we manufacturer our sustainable acoustic products

manufacturing our sustainable acoustic products

34 vibrant colours​​

syska quest acoustic material - bark


syska quest acoustic material - brick


syska quest acoustic material - california


syska quest acoustic material - graphite


syska quest acoustic material - cotton


syska quest acoustic material - marble


syska quest acoustic material - midnight


syska quest acoustic material - stone


syska quest acoustic material - forest


syska quest acoustic material - pacific


syska quest acoustic material - poppy


syska quest acoustic material - royal


syska quest acoustic material - sandstone


syska quest acoustic material - steel


syska quest acoustic material - sunbeam


See the Syska Colour Book for our full range.

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