Beautiful. Functional. Sustainable.

Syska is a UK-based manufacturer and supplier of ground-breaking recycled acoustic products; offering an unbeatable combination of acoustic performance and aesthetic design.

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Looks good

Our versatile Skyline and Tessellate ranges are ideal for use in a wide range of applications and offer creative flexibility that is only limited by your imagination.

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close up of triangular syska tessellate acoustic tiles

Sounds great

Syska products deliver a new benchmark for sound absorption. Manufactured from single-layer, high-impact PET, they boast an NRC rating of 0.75.

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tessellate acoustic wall panels in a cafe

Sustainably made

Syska products are made from recycled, single-use plastics and we are committed to minimising further impact on the environment.

What makes us different?

Hear the difference we make

Syska provide a range of innovative acoustic wall and ceiling treatments. Sustainably manufactured using recycled PET, they combine outstanding NPV with stunning visuals.

Ideal for spaces small and large, our products offer stunning design without compromising on quality or sound attenuation. Browse our range to find out more.

Tessellate Acoustic Wall Tiles

Design, build and create

Syska Tessellate is a modular tile system. Available in five standard shapes, or a wide range of custom shapes, it allows you to turn a plain wall into something truly special.

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syska tessellate acoustic wall tiles 1280x800

Skyline Acoustic Ceiling Treatments

Reach for the Skyline

Syska Skyline is our range of ceiling-mounted acoustics, comprising both modular designs and bespoke installations. It’s available in four applications – Baffle, Bevel, Cloud and Grid.

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syska skyline acoustic ceiling treatments 1280x800

Rise Acoustic Screens

Your space, your way

Syska Rise is a flexible portfolio of acoustic screens that can be either floor or ceiling mounted to improve the acoustics of any space. It’s available in five standard patterns, or can be custom-cut.

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syska rise acoustic screens
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